Featured Material: Wire Mesh

wire mesh

Currently our favorite construction material is wire mesh.  You can see how we used it on our Youtube video.  The version in this application was stainless steel but gauges, spacing, and weaves are as vast and variable as Salvia cultivars. Using a similar material, but changing from stainless to aluminum, please see our outdoor patio at the Undercurrent Restaurant, 327 Battleground Ave. in Greensboro.  Stainless would be the platinum of woven metals, while aluminum is more like silver plate.  Cost is always a consideration unless you have diamonds in the soul of your muse. (Check out my Chucks.)
Let us see how aluminum weathers in comparison to stainless.  My fingers are crossed.
When designing in small spaces, we think green… a little orange, and maybe some chartreuse -the color palette at the Undercurrent.  Walls become the planting beds.  Let it creep and cover, let it spread and conquer.  With the root confines of planters, control need not be an issue.
Stay tuned for more thoughts on walls of flowers, breezes of Jasmine, and examples of weaving our built world with mama N’s.
Happy mixing it up.
– Sally Pagliai