Studio Pagliai

Studio Pagliai (PAL-e-eye) is based in Greensboro, North Carolina. Since 1996, owner Sally Pagliai has worked with some of the most exciting homes, estates, and gardens in the world. Her expertise assures Studio Pagliai clients world-class design solutions that are functional and beautiful.

Sally Pagliai is a landscape designer who has built gardens from Singapore to Florence.  Pagliai is an advocate and expert on harmonious and meaningful landscape design.

A student of The University of California at Berkeley and the UC International Program in Florence, Italy, Pagliai holds a Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture from California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo. She apprenticed with world-renowned landscape architects Peter Walker and Martha Schwartz.

Pagliai’s work is not limited by any architectural style or setting, but is guided by your vision and the ways you want to enjoy your land.

Design Philosophy

Our design philosophy is simple: embrace the unique joys and challenges each site brings then coax out the very best from that special piece of earth. Sally’s client-first philosophy allows her to get to know you so she can provide a true connection to the land. Sally purposefully takes time to study the intrinsic gifts of a landscape. And she is happiest when immersed in a property, envisioning how it will look once carefully graded, dressed up in brick or stone, accessorized with water, shrubs, trees, and flowers…absolutely thrilled to be dancing with nature.

The project size doesn’t matter. Whether it involves designing an intimate garden or an architectural structure, creating a small fountain or installing a lavish swimming pool – most important is the process of understanding your wishes and identifying what is beautiful about your built and natural landscape, sharing the possibilities with you, and then watching it all unfold together.