Sally Pagliai

An architectural landscape designer with over 25 years of experience building gardens from Singapore to Florence, Sally Pagliai is an advocate for harmonious and meaningful landscape design.


Raleigh, North Carolina

Though new construction, this home has an “Old World” feeling. The owner has eclectic taste and collects art and sculpture from all over the world. The design objective was to build terraces on a steep property, so that many levels of gardens, with beautiful stone …

Sagaponack, New York

Emphasizing the spectacular views of protected farmland and meadows, the linear, horizontal nature of those views, and the plant material associated with cornfields, and meadows, while de-emphasizing the nondescript nature of the residence. And to provide ample outdoor space for entertaining during the summer season. …

Fountain Garden – Greensboro, NC

Prior to this intimate and cozy space, the back garden was nonexistent due to a very steep grade off the back of the house. The removal of soil and the construction of a rustic retaining wall with the fountain centerpiece allowed us to create this …

Pat Plexico Garden at the Bienenstock Furniture Library

The Pat Plaxico Gardens, completed and dedicated in April 2014, are named in honor of designer and long-time Library board member Pat Plaxico. The garden includes several outdoor spaces which lend themselves to meeting areas. Six sculptures, all of different genres, enhance the beauty of …


O.Henry Magazine – The Art of Healing

In November 2016, Sally Pagliai was featured in an O.Henry Magazine story in The Light Within Us. The collection by Jim Dodson illuminated eight stories of local people and organizations whose quiet determination to help others in need sustains their lives and serves as a model …

1808 Greensboro

1808 Greensboro – Gardens of Greensboro

In 2015, two of Sally Pagliai’s garden designs were featured in the 1808 Greensboro article Gardens of Greensboro. Gardens of Greensboro Written by Tina Firesheets, Photos by Scott Muthersbaugh and Nancy Sidelinger